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Gathering evidence

A strong evidence base is essential to enable developers, community organisations and local authorities to deliver robust and defensible policies and proposals for sustainable development projects. Working with clients and partner consultants, we commission, assemble, and interpret evidence including:

  • GIS based analysis of Census and other data, for example relative deprivation, school travel, traffic counts, signed cycle networks and footway widths. A layered approach can help to define priority projects over a borough / district area, for example helping to prioritise investment in Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

  • GIS, desktop and site based network assessment for walking and cycling, including accompanied accessibility auditing.

  • Demand modelling for walking and cycling networks using the latest software. This is used to identify potential desire lines based on Census and other evidence.

  • Evidence in support of emerging Local Plans where a departure from conformity is justified, for example LB Lambeth's Local Plan departure from proposed (unadopted) London Plan parking standards.

  • Evidence prepared and summarised in easily understood tables, charts and maps for community engagement purposes.

assembling a robust evidence base