Cycling UK case study research: Planning systems, new developments and active travel

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For over 140 years, Cycling UK has campaigned for better conditions for cycling - from demanding 'metalled roads' in the early 20th Century to 'space for cycling' today. 

In 2019, ActivePlanning was commissioned to undertake a desktop study and literature review of international and national best / worst practice study of approaches to providing for active travel in new development projects. The study looked at international planning policy systems and approaches as well as individual housing developments.

A number of housing sites were identified in the UK as case studies to show that active travel is not being properly considered other than as a leisure mode in most cases. Whilst most did display some good features, the finding overall was that the layout and design of the sites was focused mainly on facilitating car use above all.

The 54 page final report covered the following topics:

  • Why active travel must be on the drawing board

  • National and local frameworks, legislation and localism

  • Making active travel the easiest choice

  • Economic development

  • Examples of developments that appear to maintain the status quo (car dependence)

  • Examples of developments that set out to reduce car dependence. This part of the work has proved particularly useful in the development of ActivePlanning services.

This document may be available on request, but I will need to check with the client first as it is so far unpublished.