Harlow and Gilston Design Review Panel

Harlow and Gilston Garden Town is designed to meet housing need in East Hertfordshire by providing a community of 10,000 new homes to the north of Harlow. In addition to the new homes, there will be a range of new social infrastructure and employment opportunities, including a new campus for Public Health England. 

Richard Lewis has been appointed to the Harlow and Gilston Design Review Panel, which has recently been formed to provide independent objective review and support for sustainable transport policy proposals. The panel will also support the partner authorities by advising on pre-application development enquiries and planning applications.

Agreed themes will emerge, however Richard has a clear idea in mind about how the town should develop:

  • A 'ten minute town' concept should be established where a range of local facilities are situated within 10 minutes' walk of where people live, and more strategic facilities such as secondary schools should be within 10 minutes' cycle.

  • A clear hierarchy of streets and public realm treatments related to walking and cycling, based on the Dutch 'sustainable safety' model and incorporating moveable measures to restrain very local car journeys.

  • A network of connected, direct walking and cycling ways with good natural surveillance that enable both radial and orbital journeys in a loose 'grid', whilst restraining the temptation to drive for very short distances.

  • Parks and other open spaces with good natural surveillance, crossed by 'desire lines' to ensure their use and to encourage walking and cycling.

  • Design and landscape treatments that make the new streets and spaces inviting for active travel and other outdoor activity, including sitting out, outdoor restaurant seating. 

  • Development densities that support walkability and the viability of the widest possible range of services.


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