Building momentum 


Our aim is to inspire you, to get the juices flowing, to build your sense of motivation and provide access to some of the key  resources you need to start and complete your project.


This service includes:

  • Suggesting founding themes to enable resilient planning and transport strategies and infrastructure plans. 

  • Strategic review of transport documents such as LCWIPs, with our sub-contractors providing more detailed review if required.

  • Access to best-practice elements of other LCWIPs and policy documents.

  • Consultation responses.

NEW SERVICE: We are establishing a critical friend service to help designers produce their best work. We provide the design equivalent of a 'proof read' to identify modifications to proposed layouts. Our intention is not to take over (unless you want us to!) but to 'spot' things that could be amended in your designs. 


Ideas and strategic thinking

At ActivePlanning, our big strengths are ideas and creative strategic thinking. We can use these aptitudes to help you build guiding themes, generate motivation and make the most of your talents.

Our NEW cycle infrastructure review service is here to help you produce your best designs: we are gathering a pool of expertise and experience from the leading edge. After all, you want to be one of those authorities or developers everyone wants to visit because you're doing amazing things.