Building momentum 


Our aim is to inspire you and make suggestions that help build your thoughts and initial vision and ideas. Optionally we can go on to prepare your strategy narrative, taking into account inputs from stakeholders. We work with you to get strategy wording to your liking.


This service includes:

  • Discussing founding themes to enable resilient, integrated planning and transport strategies and infrastructure plans. 

  • Strategic review of transport documents such as LCWIPs, with our sub-contractors providing more detailed review if required.

  • Access to best-practice elements of other LCWIPs and policy documents.

  • Cycling infrastructure design review services similar to staged 'safety audits' that highlight potential improvements.

  • Consultation responses.



Ideas and strategic thinking

At ActivePlanning, our big strengths are ideas and creative strategic thinking, which we use to good effect, particularly in the early stages of design and masterplanning. We use these aptitudes to help clients build guiding themes and strategic plans. 

Our NEW cycle infrastructure review service is here to help you produce your best designs: we work with experienced engineers to highlight issues and suggest amendments. 

The new service comes out of work we are doing with the Department for Transport to review projects budgeted at over £2m. This could equally well be extended to schemes of all sizes.