Our experience and network of independent partners brings the combined knowledge and experience of the best specialists for the job in hand

Appointment to Harlow and Gilston Garden Town Review Panel (new) 

  • Richard has been appointed to the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town review panel. He will review emerging proposals for all modes, with emphasis on walking, cycling and public transport. More information...


Strategic support and Review: Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans 

  • ActivePlanning was appointed by the Department for Transport via Cycling UK to provide strategic support and review services covering16 (of 46) pilot LCWIPs prepared by various authorities, including two City Regions. Partners included Sustrans, Mott McDonald and WSP. More information....


Prioritisation of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

  • ActivePlanning and Maps4Planners were appointed to develop an evidence base and proposals to enable the London Borough of Lambeth to prioritise investment in low traffic neighbourhoods. Various traffic thresholds were identified to show candidate streets. Other data including air pollution and the number of children attending local schools were used to prioritise investment within identified 'neighbourhood cells'.

The report is currently being used to inform the implementation of LTNs as part of the COVID-19 response.

LCWIPs, supplementary planning documents and guidance. 

  • With Maps4Planners and CityInfinity, ActivePlanning developed a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan for Buckden Parish Council. This involved a detailed appraisal of the parish's active travel network, including walks accompanied by wheelchair users, and walked and cycled surveys. The commission included public engagement through an event and online survey. We used data from pct.bike and Datashine to identify local potential for cycling. The result, a 57 page LCWIP document, is being used to attract funding from developer contributions and Cambridgeshire Local Transport Plan. More information...

  • ActivePlanning has also provided LCWIP preparation advice to Arun District Council, Crawley Borough Council and Slough Borough Council.

Supporting proposed Local Plan parking standards

  • ActivePlanning prepared an evidence report to support LB Lambeth's case for tightening car parking standards in new developments to below the levels proposed in the draft London Plan. Using processed data supplied by the client, we showed that ward-based car-ownership, even in areas with poor public transport accessibility, is generally lower than the London average.

Providing case studies relating to active travel in new development


  • For Cycling UK, ActivePlanning carried out a sample desktop study of developments in mainland Europe and the UK that were either successful or unsuccessful at facilitating safe active travel. A number of sites were identified showing mixed success. More information...

Writing strategies for active travel incorporating community and stakeholder engagement

  • ActivePlanning and MP Smarter Travel worked in partnership to prepare a cycling strategy for Team London Bridge, which was launched in November 2018 by the mayor's cycling commissioner, Dr. Will Norman. The strategy covers infrastructure assessment, network design, cargo-cycle freight, cycle hire, cycle parking and behaviour change. Business, stakeholder and community engagement formed a key part of the project and included one-to-one meetings, a business workshop, presentations at two events and an on-street pop-up stall. More information...

Two follow-on commissions were awarded. Firstly we attended a cargo-bike demonstration event, which showcased the variety of vehicles and their capabilities for business use. Secondly, we carried out a brief study to identify the range of potential cycle parking solutions for London Bridge Station. Until the COVID-19 lockdown, Team London Bridge was also involved in a project to import a Quicab cycle taxi to the UK.

Providing support for community organisations

  • ActivePlanning and CityInfinity were commissioned by Brighton and Hove Friends of the Earth to prepare a planning objection to a proposed housing development in West Sussex. The proposals failed to properly consider active travel modes and would lead to the closure of a popular cycle crossing.

  • ActivePlanning worked on a pro-bono basis with a local volunteer to survey a section of the Lea Navigation in Hackney, where poor towpath surfacing had reduced accessibility and increased risks to towpath users. The towpath surface had become pitted and in wet weather was almost impassable, especially for buggy and wheelchair users. The output was a speculative report sent to the Canal and River Trust for consideration. The path has since been repaired.

Experience prior to starting Active Planning - Richard Lewis

  • Winning bidding documents. At Witteveen+Bos UK, Richard played a leading role in The Highland Council's successful bid to deliver a £6.5m Inverness City Active Travel Network. He sub-edited Royal Borough of Kingston's successful £30m mini-Holland funding bid and proposed new and amended cycle routes in the borough. More information...

  • Securing active travel networks and infrastructure from the earliest stages of site masterplanning. At Witteveen+Bos UK and for BDP, Richard played a key role in the stage 1 and 2 masterplan for the regeneration of York's historic but neglected Castle Gateway. He established clear design principles and designed a new separated cycleway connecting the site with the residential hinterlands to the south east and south west. More information...

  • Designing concept cycle infrastructure. At Witteveen+Bos UK, Richard prepared concept infrastructure designs for The Highland Council to illustrate the potential for separated cycle infrastructure and cycle-streets in Inverness.


At Witteveen+Bos UK, Richard prepared concept design layouts that were put into a VR visualisation for London Cycling Campaign's (LCC) London Boulevard campaign.


Richard's sketch designs for Blackfriars Road, Stratford High Street and Parliament Square helped to kick-start LCC's most successful campaign yet - Love London Go Dutch. Versions of all three of the schemes were implemented.

  • Cycling infrastructure design research. In 2012 Richard and two others cycled a self-guided 'infrastructure safari' through the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark, finishing in Copenhagen. This resulted in considerable practical (user) understanding about infrastructure design in the three countries.​​

Images below: projects completed before establishing ActivePlanning.

Image credits: Highland Council / Witteveen+Bos, RB Kingston / Steer Group, LB Hackney, LB Newham.