A new cycle taxi for London
by Richard Lewis, ActivePlanning






The Quicab is a great place for advertising, revenue from which will help reduce rental costs for operators. I am currently seeking agents who see its potential. Contact me to find out more!

Quicab's extraordinary 'taxi-bike' has the potential to revolutionise door to door serviced travel in London. Everything about it suggests "taxi" - its appearance, the sense of being chauffeured swiftly along the Capital's streets, easing your journey to a critical meeting or to the station or a hotel. Or carrying parcels between offices.
The revolution is the electric-assist cycle. The 'driver' pedals; the motor kicks in. The Quicab is narrow and nimble - it fits through tight spaces and on cycle tracks. It goes along roads that are closed to cars and open to cycles. Quite simply - in congested cities, the Quicab gets there more quickly than anything else. It's a Quick Cab. That's it.
I am establishing a new Quicab leasing business, taking full advantage of London's progress towards becoming a low carbon transport city, a world leader in genuinely reducing the use of the least efficient, most polluting modes and promoting cycle-based transport as the best urban solution.
Disruption leads change. Quicab will be disruptive. It will turn the idea of getting a short-distance taxi ride on its head. This little vehicle, all of 4.1m long and 0.85m wide will become just as iconic as the traditional London cab. Indeed, I hope that traditional cabbies will queue up to drive them - a healthy, active way to do their work while maintaining a decent income. "You'll never guess who rode in the back of my Quicab the other day!"
A business plan is underway and leasing costs have been calculated, but stage 1 of the project will be to bring the prototype to the UK from Sweden for the summer of 2020 as a trial. I want to see what people's reactions are, how much they would pay to use it and experience how much money it would make each day.
I need to establish whether average revenue from advertising would cover its costs so that I can reduce rental costs to the 'drivers', and offer inclusive 'driver' services such as maintenance and training. I need to know how we can make sure the vehicles can be made accessible for all. I'll be approaching the big hotels, Business Improvement Districts, and generally just circulating around central London giving free rides in return for recording people's reactions to the concept during the week and weekends.
Assuming success, stage 2 will be to consolidate the business plan and then begin the process of ordering a fleet. I will update this page when this happens - but in the meantime if you have any questions or comments, please contact me:
Richard Lewis
ActivePlanning 07771 454 947 richardl@activeplanning.co.uk
No canvassers please.