A new cycle taxi for London



The Quicab is a great place for advertising, revenue from which will help reduce rental costs for operators and expand this zero emission fleet. I am currently seeking agents who see its potential. Contact me to find out more!

Quicab's extraordinary 'taxi-bike' has the potential to revolutionise door to door serviced travel in London. Everything about it suggests "taxi" - its appearance, the sense of being chauffeured swiftly along the Capital's streets, easing your journey to a critical meeting or to the station or a hotel. Or carrying parcels between offices.
The revolution is the electric-assist cycle. The 'driver' pedals; the motor kicks in. The Quicab is narrow and nimble - it fits through tight spaces and on cycle tracks. It goes along roads that are closed to cars and open to cycles. Quite simply - in congested cities, the Quicab gets there more quickly than anything else. It's a Quick Cab. That's it.
Quicab is being established in London as a new leasing business that provides a response to COVID-19. As the lockdown eases, there will be less space for travelling on public transport. And motorised traffic will be restricted in order to prioritise social distancing on footways and to make space for cycling.
Before the Lockdown Quicab had two definite customers but the contracts had to be cancelled. With the lockdown easing I am hoping that these customers will be tempted back and that they will consider renting the vehicles back to me. I hope that other customers will be interested in following suit, given rental income, after an initial start-up period, of £200 per month per vehicle.
Richard Lewis
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