A new cycle taxi

The perfect canvas for your brand

Covid is really testing city centre businesses to the limit. The role of collective organisations like Business Improvement Districts in promoting their areas has never been so important.


Quicabs will be  completely new in London. They are unique and sure to grab public and media attention as a genuinely sustainable door to door travel option.

While bus and taxi ads fade into the background 'noise' of urban life, Quicab ads will stand out from the crowd.


Sponsoring a Quicab will give you a share in the love. Full sponsorship will even yield a modest rental income for you as well as the Quicab bringing customers to your door.


You don't have to carry the entire burden of sponsorship: consider partnering with others to share the cost and benefits.

Quicab's extraordinary 'taxi-bike' has the potential to revolutionise door to door serviced travel in London.
Everything about it suggests "taxi": its appearance, the sense of being chauffeured swiftly along the Capital's streets, easing your journey to a critical meeting or to the station or a hotel. Or carrying parcels between offices.
The revolution is the electric-assist pedal cycle. The 'driver' pedals; the motor kicks in. The Quicab is narrow and nimble - it fits through tight spaces and on cycle tracks without obstructing other cyclists. It goes along roads that, due to Covid-19, have been closed to cars and open to cycles, providing a directness that's no longer available to regular taxis and mini-cabs. Quite simply, in congested cities, the Quicab gets there more quickly than anything else.
Quicab is being established in London to provide a zero emission, ultra low carbon solution for door to door passenger transport. Partners are being sought to rent, staff and operate the vehicles which, with the addition of fittings to take cargo nets, can be flexibly used to carry cargo.
Advertising on the vehicle is estimated to be worth £500 per week for the full wraparound including graphics, materials and maintenance. Without 'rent payback', this equates to:
40 weeks advertising rounded up to one year for £20,000
32 weeks advertising rounded up to 35 weeks for £16,000*
20 weeks advertising for £10,000*
*If you identify a partner to take the investment up to £20,000 you will share an 12 extra weeks free advertising at the end of your combined contract.
Advertising will appear on your vehicle during transportation from Sweden to the UK. The Quicabs will be cycled with sponsorship raised for accessible cycling charity Wheels for Wellbeing. For the £20k investment you may also change your design and have a new wrap applied up to twice more during the year.
'Rent payback' means you have been kind enough to provide a loan for the entire purchase but you only want paid advertising for a certain number of weeks. We will calculate when the 'rent payback' will meet your advertising period including free weeks. Payback will commence after a 'start-up' period of three months.
Before the Lockdown Quicab had two definite customers but the contracts had to be cancelled. I am now part of the Quicab company, acting as its unpaid UK business development representative. We are restarting and working towards ordering a minimum of two Quicabs by the end of November for Spring delivery in 2021.
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