Help bring a taxi revolution to London!






The Quicab is a great place for advertising, and sponsorship will boost chances of this project being a success. Contact me to find out more!

Quicab's extraordinary 'taxi-bike' has the potential to revolutionise door to door serviced travel in London. Everything about it suggests "taxi" - its appearance, the sense of being chauffeured swiftly along the Capital's streets, easing your journey to a critical meeting or to the station or a hotel. Or carrying parcels between offices.
The revolution is the electric-assist cycle. The 'driver' pedals; the motor kicks in. The Quicab is narrow and nimble - it fits through tight spaces and on cycle tracks. It goes along roads that are closed to cars and open to cycles. Quite simply - in congested cities, the Quicab gets there more quickly than anything else. It's a Quick Cab. That's it.
You need to be convinced - fair enough. This crowdfunder is all about proof of concept (because, let's face it, it's important to 'make sure' and identify potential pitfalls). Bringing at least one Quicab to the UK will allow the idea to be tested. It can be tried by the public and by regular taxi drivers looking to do a fantastic, fun job that keeps them fit and has low overheads. It can demonstrate genuine, low carbon travel that fits like a glove into London's transport policies - policies that are tightening the noose around old-style polluting vehicles that increasingly have no place on London's streets.
The crowdfunder is being developed in partnership with the Environmental Transport Association, Britain's most ethically and environmentally responsible breakdown service. The ETA is very kindly hosting the bank account for donations and will create a video of the Quicabs in London as well as using its huge audience to direct attention to the crowdfund website. 
An established cargo-bike company will operate the Quicabs - they will use them free of charge with their responsibilities being insurance, general care and maintenance and staffing of the vehicles. Their experience will be critical to knowing the potential success of this project - I really hope that they demonstrate commercial success that is attractive to investors. 
I am confident the idea will work. It could lead to a business being developed by me or by someone else. If it doesn't, the exercise will have been worthwhile - the Quicabs can be kept as they are or converted back into cargo-carrying cycles and sold on, with the proceeds going to support very low cost active travel consultancy and community initiatives that enable families and disabled people to cycle.
For more details - including information about the product, costs and manufacturer - please go to the crowdfund site.
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