ActivePlanning sets out to make walking and  cycling central to the creation of places where communities thrive.


ActivePlanning was founded in 2018 as a strategic planning consultancy. Our mission is to articulate programmes, policy, strategy and masterplanning narratives themed around resilient transport, including walking and cycling.

Recent climate emergency declarations and the COVID-19 crisis have brought about an urgent need to explore fresh approaches to spatial and transport planning. We need to think differently about planning and transport, so that we can build stronger narratives around resilience and sustainability. This includes a need to move away from car dependency and towards greater emphasis on low carbon, healthy living, including walking, cycling, public transport and doing things locally. 


The climate declarations point towards a wholesale review of traditional policies and guidance. For example, directing the layout of streets to give priority to creating inviting conditions for walking and cycling, whilst restraining unnecessary car use and removing motorised traffic from inappropriate routes.


Our main focus is on building vision and narrative in transport programmes, policy, strategy, design guidance and funding bids. 




























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